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Biohacking for the modern athlete



Utilise modern equipment and therapies to recover efficiently and safely.


Unwind from your daily hustle and melt into a yoga class or therapeutic massage.

Wellness Support

Get advice from our naturopath and wellness advisors on how to best support your body.

Remedial Massage Adelaide

Gift yourself the time to stop.
Escape the daily pressures of life and recharge your energy through the
healing benefits of massage therapy.

NormaTec + Compex

Used either simultaneously or separately, NormaTec and Compex both provide professional level recovery therapies to get you back to your peak and back in the game – faster.

Infrared Sauna

Not your traditional Sauna! Experience total body wellness, speed up recovery time, eliminate toxins and reduce muscle soreness with our full spectrum infrared sauna.


We believe that yoga works for everyone. The combination of fluid movement, breath and quieting the mind allows individuals to learn to move in a way that has been lost to the sedentary lifestyles of todays population.

Our classes are designed to challenge so that we can allow space for growth both physically and mentally.


Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system aimed at developing maximum body control, flexibility and increased usable ranges of motion. Our certified Kinstretch instructor will guide you to achieve your ultimate body range.

The Reset

Consult with our naturopath and create an individualised plan to support your active body with nutrition, stress management, herbal medicine and supplementation. Just the reset you need to get your health back on track.


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